Esperanza: Sharing Hope with the People of Cuba

Send Cuba some holiday love this Christmas!

Cuba evokes images of beautiful, balmy beaches perfect for that dream vacation, but the nation is still struggling to get back on its feet in the aftermath of the 2016 and 2017 hurricanes. To this day, many Christians are left without safe places to worship as churches were destroyed by the calamity.

Give hope to the people of Cuba and help rebuild local churches. Gifts for church building can be made through a special offering during services on:

Sunday, December 3
Saturday, December 9
Sunday, December 10
Sunday, December 17
Sunday, December 24

Got a special place in your heart for kids? Sponsor footwear for Cuban kids and help build up a vibrant church community where children can grow in love and hope. Sponsor shoes for $5 in the lobby on Sundays to make a child’s world bigger and brighter.

We as a church, aim to raise $60,000 for the entire project.

Share the spirit of giving and be bearers of hope! Build churches, care for children.