Hope is a concept everyone understands. We all need it to live. It’s as vital to our souls as water and food are to our bodies.

The perceived absence of hope is painful – it makes the heart “sick”, says Proverbs 13. Christmas, for many people, magnifies life’s messes and minimizes hope, making this joyful time of year actually very difficult.

Here’s the truth: hope exists, and hope is actually a person, Jesus Christ. All humans are hardwired to crave the hope found only in Him, our Saviour, who came to earth to seek and save all of us. He is the “Hope of the World” (Matthew 12:21) and we, His church, exist to make Him, our Hope, known.

In Him there is hope for restoration, for forgiveness, for healing, for a second chance, a fresh start, a new day. We don’t hope in processes, people, or possessions. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus.

This Christmas, we want to share the message of hope with our community. Our decorations, sermons, songs, and various other elements will focus on that. We pray this uplifting theme will not only guide you into thankful, humble worship, but that it would be the message on your heart to freely give to others who need it too.