A Fellowship of Filipino Families

We invite anyone who is need of a safe family atmosphere and who longs for a fellowship, Bible study and to help them find God’s purpose and will for their lives.

We enjoy praise and worship through songs, and we offer Christian education for teens and young children.

Bible Studies

Our three Bible studies—named Agape, Hope and Faith—meet at separate times on the weekend for fellowship, discussion and prayer. Please contact us to confirm the meeting locations.

Living Truth in the Philippines

Please tell your friends and relatives about the Living Truth radio broadcast ministry in the Philippine islands. They can receive Biblical teachings that will help them face everyday challenges.

The Living Truth program is broadcast on DYVS and DXKI, associated with Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). Ideally, in the future, this would link to LT broadcast schedule page; however it does not show any listings for the Philippines at this time.

Many in our Filipino Fellowship give financial support to Living Truth in order to encourage our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. Learn more about Living Truth.