A Warm Welcome for You and Others

If you are from South Asia or would like to meet and encourage those from South Asia, we would love to have you attend one of our social events or prayer gatherings. We exist as a welcoming party and community for those from South Asia. Everyone is welcome.

PSAF Monthly Prayer Meeting

Friday, September 2 • 7:30 PM  Mr. & Mrs. Jeevaraj Rajarathnam’s Home

We’ll be gathering together for a time of worship, fellowship and prayer. We’ll be gathering at Jeevaraj Rajarathnam’s home located at 54 Vanier Street, Whitby, ON. Please contact us for more information. 905.243.0197

PSAF Monthly Fellowship

Saturday, September 10 6:00 PM  E102

We’ll be praying for the spreading of the Gospel in the land of India as we celebrate the country’s 70th year of independence. Please dress in Indian clothing, if possible.

Prayer Line

David & Ann Duraisami – 416.997.5446