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Revisiting Build • Expand • Align


Letter from Pastor Brett McBride

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Letter from Pastor Brett McBride

Dear Friends,
In 2010, our Church went through a robust planning process. Dr. Henry Klopp facilitated discussions among the staff, board, and a subset of the congregation. Together we sought God’s will for The Peoples Church and these discussions culminated in the formation of strategic recommendations. A number of items were identified as areas for growth within the church’s ministries and opportunities to be explored.

Out of this journey several initiatives were launched. Some were obvious to all; such as the creation of the café space, the addition of more pastors on staff, and the expansion of our
local outreach into the community. While others benefited our church from behind the scenes like the addition of a human resources department and a process for evaluating ministry

We’re about to head into another season of prayer, discernment and ministry planning. But before we go forward it’s important that we look back and thank God for his blessings over these
past few years.

In March and April, we’ll be looking at some of the outcomes of the past few years to celebrate how God has moved in our midst. We will then ask you to join us in prayer as we look forward, seeking God’s direction for our future.

The church website will contain information on all that came out of our previous strategic ministry plan and we will keep you up to date with how to pray as we look forward to this next

Overview Video

What was Accomplished

Through our last strategy, we were encouraged by the many ways our Church was helping people grow and engage in mission. However, as with every organization, our discussions also outlined several areas we needed to improve. Below you will discover a few initiatives we launched since 2010 to support our efforts to move together in God’s Global Mission.


Each of us who call The Peoples Church home had a first Sunday. We learned through our strategy process our facility and parking were barriers for people coming to 374 Shepperd Ave East. To help with the challenges of parking we introduced our Shuttle Service (The Fun Bus) to reduce stress on Sundays. And to ensure that people were greeted in a spirit of hospitality, we invested in a few renovations to create our Café and community-friendly spaces. We intentionally looked for community partners who could use our building to help those with needs in the community. On the ministry side, we expanded our Cultural Fellowships to ensure more people could discover new friendships.


Knowing we are part of a community of people is important, but we must understand that this community cares for us. Since 2010, we have intentionally expanded our avenues of caring for our congregation.  We established the Congregational Life Pastor and relaunched our Life Groups. We also welcomed the new position of Parish Nurse to help those in times of crisis and change. In our Counselling department, we expanded our support for those struggling through times of grief, relationship, spiritual and financial crisis.


Members of our church have a deep desire to grow. In response to this desire we focused on strengthening congregational prayer life through prayer teams, prayer summits, and a monthly prayer guide.  To help us grow in our discipleship and leadership, we inaugurated the Ministry Training Centre, established Rooted, launched RightNow Media, offered sermons on-line and a place to discuss each week’s sermon in our Life Groups. It was clear that we needed to grow in our capacity to equip women in discipleship and for leadership. So, we resourced the new position of Women’s Pastor and created additional positions for women to serve in both pastoral and lay leadership.


At the heart of The Peoples Church is the desire to reach out and share God’s love. Members of our church family who are connected, cared for and equipped want to engage their world. In the last few years we have expanded our outreach initiatives to our local community, founded Silas Hill to welcome and transition new immigrants, launched the Newcomers Network, established the Peoples Basketball program, and started the Farmers Market in our parking lot. We have also strengthened our partnerships with local missionaries and have seen many of our members serving alongside them. We continue to support hundreds of missionaries globally and send teams out on short-term missions. In order to tell The Peoples Church story more effectively, we created a new logo, updated our website, and launched the monthly Together magazine to invite others to join our church activities.

We have been busy, but we know that there are always ways to grow and improve. That is where you come in; we invite you during the months of March and April to pray for our church leaders as they listen to where God will lead.

We have much to celebrate in the present and much to do in the years ahead.