The true light
that gives light to everyone
has come into the world.

– John 1:9

Join us this Christmas Season

Celebrate with us this Christmas Eve!

We’ll be singing songs with our guest Worship Leader Brook Nicholls and enjoying a great time together throughout our hour-long, family-friendly services at 3:00 & 6:00 PM. Join us outdoors from 4:00 – 6:00 PM for our petting zoo! Invite your family, friends and neighbours too.

Today, thousands of Venezuelans will be asking themselves if this is the day they leave their home behind, in order to survive. Millions have already been forced to make this decision as the country continues to decline.

Store shelves remain empty, as families go hungry. Hospitals are no longer able to provide basic medical care. Electrical blackouts and water shortages have become a common reality. Desperation has birthed violence, and as the nation’s condition worsens, so does the condition of its people.

Colombia is hosting the largest number of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, with over 1.4 million. Thousands continue to journey into Colombia, every day. The journey is long and filled with uncertainty because they often don’t know where they are going, and the only destination they hope for, is the opportunity to survive.

But despite the fear and critical need for assistance, they are resilient.

This resilience is fueled by hope and the Colombian Church is working together to keep this hope alive throughout the journey of the displaced. The Church is present and has accepted God’s call to light the way.

This Christmas season,
we’re coming together as a church family
to support the work
of the Colombian Church.

We’re raising funds in partnership with TearFund and Latin America Mission to support feeding programs, medical care services, children’s education and trauma counselling.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by Christmas Eve.

Join us as we stand with the Colombian Church to be a light in the darkness, for the displaced people of Venezuela.