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Featured Missionaries

Featured Missionaries


Agency: IJM Uganda
Global Initiative: Defending Human Dignity

“Everyone who does evil, hates the light. And does not come to the light for fear his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.” – John 3:20-21.

Josephine works with International Justice Mission (IJM) in Uganda. When men pass away in Uganda, a brother, cousin or associate will usually claim the deceased person’s land as their
own and throw the widow and her children off the land, often through violent means.

Josephine works through IJM to manage the aftercare department which provides aid, emergency shelter, food, education and medical care to the widows and children.

She also walks alongside the widows in court as IJM lawyers prosecute the powerful men who have used violence to take land from the women. The men walk arrogantly around the courthouse but Josephine stands tall and without intimidation to encourage and give the women strength in the face of their persecutors.

“We are trying to combat institutional violence against women,” she says. “We are trying to hold violent men criminally accountable. And we know we cannot be successful without God intervening into our work and he has.”

“We have rescued and restored hundreds of widows, made hundreds of arrests and hundreds of men have been held accountable for their actions against the poor.”

– Your Faith Promise supports Josephine.

ResponseThe Peoples Church,

Thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to speak.

I appreciate the prayers said for me and the emotional support. I came back with hope and confidence. I have returned to Uganda and am continuing to provide psychosocial counseling, emergency shelter, school fees, medical care and income-generating activities for our widow and orphan clients. We are getting ready to start the process of prosecuting domestic violence. If the mission succeeds, we will be the first IJM office to prosecute domestic violence. We are also focusing on our church mobilization program. We feel both of these missions are essential to God’s purpose for us.

Thank you again for all your prayers and love.


Prayer Requests

  • For God to intervene in our work as we begin the process of prosecuting domestic violence.
  • For our church mobilization program.
  • For the continued blessing of resources in the aftercare department which provides aid, shelter, food, education and medical care to the widows and children.
  • For the widows and children to be encouraged and strengthened.

Tricia & Benson

Agency: SIM
Global Initiative: Developing Vibrant Communities

Working at the Scott Mission, Tricia de Boer was happy in her career. But a calling from God led her to enter mission in Uganda where she works with former child soldiers, victims of the war and their families. For 23 years, many of them were held against their will and forced to do what we in Canada find unimaginable.

“From the war in the northern region, over 1.8 million people were displaced and over 60,000 children were abducted and forced to kill as child soldiers,” she says. “Eleven thousand of those people fled the north into the southern city of Kampala where they live in a slum.”

She works alongside Benson, a native of Uganda, who leads an indigenous mission organization. The organization gives hope to the people of Northern Uganda through holistic restoration, encouraging them to live a life of purpose.

“People have suffered so they think that there is nothing better as long as they can live today and they don’t care about tomorrow,” Benson says. “We work with these people to go through emotional and trauma counselling. We lead them to the key part of healing which is forgiveness and it’s based in the Bible.”

“As we read scripture they begin to understand what forgiveness is. Forgiveness is only through God and in God.”

– Your Faith Promise supports Tricia and Benson.

ResponseThank you very much for inviting myself and our Ugandan brother Benson to share the beautiful things that God is doing in Uganda. I was very encouraged by the prayer, encouragement and support received.

Upon returning to Uganda I will continue to serve our Ugandan partners as we bring hope and healing to families affected by war. We will continue to provide biblical trauma counseling ministry, discipleship and assistance in resettling families that are internally displaced due to the war back to their home villages. Forgiveness and reconciliation continue to be one of the core ways that God is using us in Uganda after more than 20 years of war.

I am so thankful for your continued support and prayers.

God bless you,

Prayer Requests


Agency: Vive la Verdad
Global Initiative: Advancing Gospel Frontiers

Through The Peoples Church broadcast ministry, Living Truth, we spread the gospel to areas where opportunities for evangelism aren’t as accessible as they are in North America. In Chile, Andres Carrasco works through the TELL program to train pastors and share Christ’s redemptive story.

The TELL program provides training materials to pastors – many of whom have little to no formal training – helping them centre their teaching on the Word of God and giving them the necessary tools to share the Gospel. The training materials often come directly from Living Truth’s Spanish programming, Vive La Verdad.

“There are several doctrines in Chile now and some of them are
very strange,”
Andres says. “It’s very important what the word has to say. So four words (for pastors in Chile), come to the Bible.”

“Not just on bread alone a man will live. But for every word that comes out of their lips be the word of God.”

Ministering in Chile provides several logistical hurdles to overcome. There is almost 4,500 kilometres of coastline and much of the country is mountainous. Andres makes use of his own abilities and his network to distribute training materials across the country.

– Your Faith Promise supports Andres.

ResponseComing soon!

Prayer Requests