Toronto, Ontario

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I moved here when I was 15 with my twin sister and my mother.

I grew up in a Buddhist Family

Everyday my mom would ask us to kneel down in front of a Buddha statue, on an altar in the center of our house, and every day we were to bow down to the Buddha, praying to the Buddha at least twice a day.

But there’s always this emptiness in my heart that needed to be filled by something. So I would go into relationships with people and try to get that void filled, but the emptiness was still there.

My sister helped me find my way to Christ

As I was studying one night, flipping through my textbooks, my sister was watching a DVD of people sharing their testimonies of how they came to Christ. So she invited me to join her.

As I was hearing people’s stories about what Jesus has done in their lives, and how they came to Christ and found this new hope, tears just kept running down my face, I just felt so convicted, I felt like “Oh I’m sorry, there is a God up there.”

And I just asked Jesus to come into my life that night as my Lord and Saviour, so I came to Christ that night and my sister prayed with me.

There is power in the Bible

It was my first time ever, I opened the bible and I started reading from Genesis verse 1 because I didn’t know where to start and I was like, “Okay God, speak to me, speak to me”.

And I just felt like, “Wow, there’s actually power in this book, there’s actually power in the Bible. So since then, I have become more fervently praying for my mother, for God’s grace and the gift of salvation on my family members.”

I got baptized at The Peoples Church on March 3rd 2013, so by the grace of God my parents were willing to come. I got this crystal cross and I was looking at it at home, and it was beautiful and my mom actually suggested, “Well, if you have nowhere to put it, why don’t you put it on the altar?”, where she used to put her Buddha statue. it really symbolized the change in her heart that she was willing to accept our faith and to have the cross replacing the Buddha idol. It was something only God can d

God  ignited a fire in my heart to live a missional life

Every day, every person that you see, God created them, and God wants you to share his love with them and God wants to bring them to him.

Once you give your life to Jesus, he lives his life through you and it’s amazing to see how in his wondrous ways in his amazing unbelievable ways he can live his life in and through you and just to fill you with so much of his joy this love that nothing compares in this earth.

I just really hope and pray that God will really touch your heart just the way he touched mine.