Facilities Rental Agreement

The Peoples Church

BEFORE you proceed with your rental request:

  • Please ensure you have connected with our Guest Services Team.
  • Please carefully read all sections of the Facilities Rental Agreement.
Rental Philosophy Statement

The physical facilities and equipment of The Peoples Church (hereinafter called ‘Peoples’) are a trust from God and are to be used with appropriate stewardship. Any use of any part of our facilities and equipment must be consistent with the purposes of Peoples. 

It is understood that all regularly scheduled ministries of the church will have priority for the use of all facilities and equipment. 

A Certificate of Insurance from your Insurer indemnifying Peoples Ministries Inc. is required. 

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this agreement is to establish a fair and equitable arrangement to permit outside groups to use Peoples for private functions and to reimburse the church for the cost of the services provided. This agreement is a reflection of our desire as a group of The Peoples Church to use our facilities not only for church related activities but as an outreach to the community. Organizations and Individuals whose goals and objectives are in agreement with ours may use the facilities if approved by Peoples.

Conditions and Restrictions
  1. The requested date must not conflict with any Peoples activities.
  2. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the church building and grounds, and shall see that all regulations contained in the agreement are strictly observed. 
  3. Financial responsibility for any damages caused by the applicant to Peoples property must be borne by the persons named on the application. 
  4. All rooms and equipment must be returned to the original condition. 
  5. Activities shall be confined to the facilities assigned. 
  6. The building is locked at 10:00 PM each night. Scheduled functions must conclude early enough so that cleaning can be completed. Therefore, the premises must be vacated by this time. 
  7. Confetti is NOT allowed inside or outside the confines of the Peoples building.
  8. The Gym is limited to 280 banquet guests.
  9. Founders Hall is limited to 100 banquet guests.
  10. Outside rental of equipment by the church will be invoiced over and above stated costs. 
  11. The authorities or their representatives of Peoples reserve the right to withdraw privilege of any applicant who violates or fails to observe the above regulations. 
  12. Peoples will not be held responsible for injuries incurred on or about the premises during the scheduled event.


Individuals and organizations agree to ensure that there is ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, or use of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in the building or on Peoples grounds. Also, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND in the church Auditorium. 


Rates and Payments
  1. All cheques or drafts are to be made payable to “The Peoples Church”. If your event only requires facility rentals, full payment is due 7 days prior to the event date. 
  2. Facility rental rates include chairs and tables that are the property of Peoples. Any additional requirements will be rented and charged to your account at our cost. 
  3. The facility charges are designed to recover any costs incurred by Peoples. All supporting services, such as custodial, kitchen, technicians, etc. will be charged at the rates outlined in the form below. 


Rental Request and Agreement