The Call

For us the call goes back many years – for me, when I was a medical student, and for Peter, probably even before that. We both felt God was calling us to be in medical mission work. My youth group at that time went out to The Peoples Church for a missions conference and I sat there wanting so much to pray, wanting to commit my life to missions. The logical side of me was saying ‘No, for all these reasons you can’t do it’ and I decided that I wasn’t going to pray that evening.

After that moment, I don’t recall exactly what happened except that there was a wall of people behind me, and I found myself walking to the front of the church. When I got to the front, I realized this is where God wanted me to be. My senior resident at that time was Peter Chu. He was the first person I turned to and said, “hey, I was at Peoples Church last night and this is what happened to me.” I shared with him what God had said to me, and well I guess the rest is history.

A Desire to Serve God

Hyon shared with me the commitment that she had made at The Peoples Church, and I just kind of thought, ‘well that’s really interesting.’ I think both of us realized that God had brought us together. We shared, not only the desire to serve God in missions, but I think more importantly, we saw in each other, a love for God. A desire to serve Him and to obey Him.

Taking the Good News to West Africa

We got connected to Galmi Hospital through an arm of Samaritan’s Purse called World Medical Missions. The hospital is located in the Republic of Niger. To give you an idea of how undeveloped the country is, there isn’t even  a railway. They just have one paved road built by the Canadian government and it is a very poor country with very desperate physical needs.

A link in the chain

You want to be the last link in the chain with someone coming to know Christ, but only one person can be that. What God wants us to be is faithful, to the link that we are supposed to be. My Nigerien coworkers, they say, “don’t worry about sharing the gospel, we can do that. But if you’re not here, and the doctors and nurses aren’t here, then no one will come to the hospital.” Our presence allows the hospital to continue its ministry so patients can come, and when they come, they do hear the gospel.