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I Want to Grow Spiritually

We’re glad that your spiritual journey has led you here.

Life Groups and Ministry Learning Centre

We encourage you to join one of our Life Groups that meet regularly throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You may also sign up for Ministry Training Centre courses, offered each fall and winter on a variety of topics.

And, you can find even more opportunities by selecting the Groups & Growth option on the menu at the top of our website.

No Matter Where You Come From

The doors and ministries of our church are open to you, no matter where you have come from on your spiritual journey. Perhaps you would describe yourself in one or more of these ways:

  • I’m not sure if I believe in God.
  • I consider myself a Christian.
  • I come from another religious tradition, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, etc.

The journey looks different for each of us. But something wonderful about the church is that we all come here to encourage one another along the way.

Jesus Christ and The Bible

At The Peoples Church, we believe and follow the teachings the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

As God’s children, we grow spiritually as we study the Word of God and become disciples in the way Jesus Christ taught us to live. “Disciple” is a word that simply means student or apprentice.

A very important step in becoming is disciple is entering into a relationship with God, by faith. You can learn more about that by reading this short document: Are You a Child of God?

We look forward to helping you grow as you continue your spiritual journey.

My Daily Journey With Christ

We invite you to pick up a complimentary copy of this devotional booklet provided by our Living Truth ministry and available in racks beside the Welcome Centre at the church.