Mission Teams

To apply for any of the following short-term mission teams, fill out this form.


This trip provides the opportunity to participate in a medical mission, alternative learning system teaching, street children and youth outreach, and clothing distribution.

  • Mission agency/partner: Action International
  • Team leader: Nestor Abdon
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: January – February 2019
  • Number of team members: 8 – 10 (traveling members have been confirmed, praying members are welcome)
  • Estimated cost: $2,800 per person

Participate in a summer camp for Syrian refugee children organized by the Free Evangelical Church of Lebanon. The team will also have the opportunity to visit different refugee ministry initiatives in Beirut and the Beqaa Valley. The main focus of the team will be to pray, encourage and serve alongside the local churches and partners. They will also provide support to refugees in the areas of English language instruction, children’s ministry, food distribution and skills training. There will be an opportunity to interact with the Syrian refugees and learn what God is doing amongst them.

  • Mission agency/partner: Partners International
  • Team leaders: Zareh & Lara Zetlian
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: June-July 2019
  • Number of team members: 6 – 8
  • Estimated cost: $2,500 per person

The group aims to bring a medical team to serve the Mully Children’s Family and surrounding communities. People with a medical background are encouraged to join the team as primary health care workers, general physicians, gynaecologists, pharmacists, nurses, and emergency medical services personnel are needed.Support volunteers are also welcome to join.

  • Mission agency/partner: Mully Children’s Family
  • Team leaders: Stuart and Carol Hartley
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: August 5 – 19, 2019
  • Estimated cost: $5,000 per person

This trip provides the opportunity to help advance the ministry of an orphanage in Chiapas, Mexico. Most trips involve building relationships with the youth in the orphanage, outreach opportunities in the surrounding villages, and light construction or project work. Knowledge in the Spanish language is an asset but by no means a requirement.

  • Mission agency/partner: Voice for Change
  • Team leaders: Yesie Funes-Eng & Greg Holohan
  • Length of trip: 10 days
  • Time of year: August 2019
  • Number of team members: 8 – 12
  • Estimated cost: $2,000 per person

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