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Giving & Serving



What does it mean to be Together in God’s global mission?

Is it to go and make disciples the way Jesus commanded us to?
Does it mean to support missionaries both at home and in the field?
What about praying with intention and giving sacrificially?
The answer is yes.

Why our emphasis on missions?

We’re called The Peoples Church because we embrace all the peoples of the world, both at home and internationally.
Our mission is to point others to Jesus. We enjoy that we are loved by God and through the Holy Spirit’s enabling, we love God back with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind and we love our neighbours as ourselves

How we support missions

Through our ministries at The Peoples Church we prepare people to serve in our city, nation, and world. However, the variety of ministries at The Peoples Church are not sufficient in themselves to bring people to our desired end of engagement in mission. Each is therefore interdependent with others and together enables us to connect with the diversity of our city. Understanding both their diversity and unity is critical for ministry leaders and individual members of our church.

Faith Promise

Faith Promise is a promise you make to God—and in dependence on God—to contribute a specific amount of money to support the Global Mission Ministry of The Peoples Church.

Even though your Faith Promise is between you and God, it is helpful if you would inform the church of the amount.
Your name will be kept confidential, and your amount will be added to the total Faith Promise of The Peoples Church so that our mission leadership can prayerfully anticipate our global mission opportunities.
You may give weekly, monthly or in one special gift, by any of the following methods. Be sure that “Global Mission” is clearly indicated on every gift toward your Faith Promise.

  • Sunday offering
  • Mailing a cheque
  • Online giving with a credit or debit card
  • Pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account
  • Transfer of securities

Global Initiatives

The Peoples Church focuses its mission efforts in three Global Initiatives (GIs): Advancing Gospel Frontiers, Developing Vibrant Communities and Defending Human Dignity. Our GIs focus our efforts both in mobilizing our church and partnering with others.

Advancing Gospel Frontiers – (proclamation and church planting, particularly among unreached people and areas)
We believe everyone should be given an opportunity to come to know Christ as their Saviour, Lord and Life. We will equip our church to share the gospel effectively in our diverse city and throughout the world.

Developing Vibrant communities – (relief, health and education)
Our heart for the poor and marginalized is a logical expression of our relationship with Christ. Throughout the world, we will embrace opportunities to love people who are suffering in poverty and empowering them to develop wholesome communities.

Defending Human Dignity – (justice, reconciliation and freedom to oppressed and trafficked people)
Many who suffer all over the world are trapped in oppressive circumstances or systems. It is a privilege to stand up and raise our voices on behalf of many who are being exploited and abused in our own nation and around the world. As followers of Jesus, we stand for His kingdom values and defend the dignity of all people knowing that we all are created in God’s image.

Living Truth

The Peoples Church is committed to providing clear biblical teaching across Canada and throughout the world as a key component of our mission engagement.
Our media ministry, Living Truth, is a key way of fulfilling this vision. The reach of this work is significant: Living Truth is currently heard on radio or seen on television in more than 60 countries on every continent and is translated into six other languages. The opportunity to strengthen this impact through increased development and use of new technology is significant.
Give to Living Truth

Become Engaged

Offering engagement opportunities to people at the Peoples Church is an important part of our values and mission. From local opportunities to long-term mission engagement, The Peoples Church has many ways you can be part of the Great Commission.
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