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Mission Teams 2017


This trip provides the opportunity to learn in the unique context of the Holy Land, in order to gain a better understanding of the Bible, the challenges of the Christian Church, and living in the midst of conflict. Work alongside local ministry partners to increase your understanding of the complex needs in the region, attend lectures at Bible Bethlehem College, and enjoy the Holy Land with the team. 

  • Mission agency/partner: Bethlehem Bible College
  • Team leader: Beverley Timgren
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: November 2017
  • Number of team members: 10 – 12
  • Estimated cost: $3,500 per person


Visit our mission partners at International Justice Mission, Africa Arise, and Save the Mothers, and participate in their ministries in Kampala and Gulu in Northern Uganda. Mission highlight will include participating in the resettlement of an Acholi family from Kampala back to Northern Uganda.

  • Team leaders: Sandra Ryan and Laura Dobrowolski
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: May 2017
  • Estimated cost: $3,200 per person


This trip focuses on working with elders in the First Nations community in the Parry Sound area. We will be working alongside our supported missionaries, Derek & Tiffani Parenteau, and their ongoing work of reconciliation and healing.  The main focus of this team will be prayer, listening and relationship-building with First Nations peoples.

  • Mission agency/partner: Rugged Tree
  • Length of trip: weekends
  • Time of year: Spring 2017
  • Number of team members: 5 – 8
  • Estimated cost: $500 per person


This trip involves building and setting up a facility that will serve all the assemblies and like-minded Bible churches in Eastern and Central Europe to meet their needs in the area of evangelism and Bible teaching. It will be a place for church groups, missionaries, families and individuals to enjoy retreats and participate in Bible and Missions conferences, evangelistic youth rallies, church leadership seminars and other events. 

  • Mission agency/partner: Christian Centre Berea
  • Team leader: Dana Gavacova
  • Length of trip: August 5 – 20
  • Time of year: August 2017
  • Number of team members: 8
  • Estimated cost: $2,259 per person


This trip provides the opportunity to assist local churches in Haiti through outreach and building projects. Partner with our local ministry partner, Baptist Mission Haiti, as they oversee 350 churches and primary schools that provide basic education to over 60,000 children. Aid local churches in Haiti with outreach and building efforts.

  • Mission agency/partner: Baptist Haiti Mission
  • Team leader: Mark Tenaglia
  • Length of trip: 1 week
  • Time of year: March 2017
  • Number of team members: 10 – 12
  • Estimated cost: $1,500 per person


This trip offers the opportunity to work alongside long-time missionary partners of The Peoples Church, Stewart and Monique Shaw. Provide daily breakfast for underprivileged children in desperate living conditions in and around the second largest train station in India. Serve women who have been affected by the sex trade by providing discipleship and mentorship through Bible studies, worship, and devotions. The team may also have the opportunity to prayer walk along the brothel areas.

  • Mission agency/partner: PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)
  • Team leader: Giancarlo Visconti, Elizabeth Pettigrew, & Cheryl Upton
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: March 2017
  • Number of team members: 4 – 8
  • Estimated cost: $3,200 per person
  • Application Deadline: December 1, 2016


The focus of this mission trip is medical. The team will be serving the local community around MCF. We are looking for front line medical workers, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Medics, EMS workers and Chiropractors. This trip is family friendly as we will also need young people as runners and Musicians to help with entertaining long line ups. 

  • Mission agency/partner: Mully Children’s Family
  • Team leaders: Carol & Stuart Hartley
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: July 14 – 29
  • Number of team members: 30+
  • Estimated cost: $4,500 per person


Participate in the ministry activities of Free Evangelical Church of Lebanon, Heart for Lebanon, and Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development. These three organizations provide support to refugees in the areas of English language instruction, food distribution, skills training and children’s ministry. 

  • Mission agency/partner: Partners International, Free Evangelical Church, & Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: July 2017
  • Number of team members: 8 – 10
  • Estimated cost: $2,500 per person


This trip includes: Medical mission, Alternative learning System teaching, street children and youth outreach, clothing distribution.

  • Mission agency/partner: Action International
  • Team leader: Nestor Abdon
  • Length of trip: 2 weeks
  • Time of year: January 2017
  • Number of team members: 8 – 10 (traveling members confirmed accepting prayer members only)
  • Estimated cost: $2,800 per person


This trip provides the opportunity to care for orphans and assist with ministry programs in Mexico. Partner with a missionary couple as they lead and serve at a Bible Training Centre, a church and an orphanage. Assist the missionary couple with ministry programs, orphan care and light construction work.

  • Mission agency/partner: Canadian Centre for World Missions
  • Team leader: Greg Holohan
  • Length of trip: 1 week
  • Time of year: August 2017
  • Number of team members: 4 – 20
  • Estimated cost: $2,000 per person


Conduct a special program for the children during a Sunday service.

  • Team leader: Sandra Ryan
  • Time of year: Various/Ongoing
If you are interested in serving through a mission team, please fill out an application form. If you would like more information about any of these teams, please contact Esther Lee. 416.222.3341 x 171