Serving at The Peoples Church

Serving in the Church

We would love to help you find the place of service in the church

Helping Hands and Willing Hearts

The good things you experience at Peoples are made possible by the helping hands and willing hearts of those around you.

In fact, on Sunday morning, you probably experience and benefit of at least a half-dozen volunteers by the time you simply find a seat–and that’s only one example.

When you join in serving, you will not only bless others, but you will also make friends and contribute to our common purpose in God’s global mission.

To serve, please see our serving opportunities

Love Your Neighbour as Yourself

Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we have neighbours from all nations. Our multicultural city is a mission field in which we share the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

Who is My Neighbour?
As you ask yourself this question, you can show the love of Jesus simply by befriending and praying for those who live on your block or in your apartment building.

And you will likely discover ‘neighbours’ in all kinds of places as God opens your eyes to the needs of others.

Global Ministry Partners

Through your giving and serving, you help make it possible for The Peoples Church to serve in partnership with 63 mission agencies and 132 missionaries in more than 40 countries in the world.

Our partnerships address our three Global Initiatives, which are specific areas of mission we believe God desires us to focus on as a church.

Give, Pray and Go

As God’s mission extends around the world, there are three ways we participate in it together: We give, we pray, and we go—all for the sake of sharing the gospel, so that peoples of every nation would become disciples of Jesus Christ.

How You Can Give
Faith Promise is a promise you make to God—and in dependence on God—to contribute a specific amount of money within the next year to support the global mission of The Peoples Church. Make your Faith Promise today!

How You Can Go
Every year, we send mission teams from our congregation to serve in various countries around the world. Perhaps God is calling you to go in person—or perhaps to go in spirit, through your support of team members.

Find out about our current mission team opportunities

Together in God’s Global Mission
Here at Peoples, we serve … Together in God’s global mission. To experience what that means, we invite you to participate in serving within the church, throughout our city of Toronto and around the world.

We always have openings in various kinds of serving roles, and we would love to help you find yours. Please contact us for more information at or 416.222.3341 x 171.

If you are interested in serving through any of the mission teams, please fill out this application form.

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