Wedding Package

The Peoples Church

Wedding Package Guidelines

Please read all sections of the Wedding Package Guidelines carefully before proceeding with the Wedding Package Form. 

Important Information
  • The custodian will open the building for the rehearsal, delivery of flowers/decor and the wedding ceremony upon prior approval. The custodian will also be responsible for setting up the signing table, should you request one.
  • The Peoples Church will not accommodate any changes involving the re-arrangement of the auditorium.
  • The use of nails, glue and duct tape is prohibited on all surfaces (such as  the pews). Painter’s tape is the only permitted adhesive on church surfaces.
  • Please do not change platform decor (specifically in the auditorium).
  • The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs is strictly prohibited in the church building or on premises.
  • Please refrain from taking food or beverages into the auditorium.
  • Green Rooms: Bride and bridesmaids will have use of room C100. Grooms and groomsmen will have the use of room C101.
  • The Peoples Church will not be responsible or held liable for loss of personal items.
  • The requested date must not conflict with any activities of The Peoples Church.
  • The applicant is responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the church building and grounds and will see that all regulations contained in the agreement are strictly observed.
  • Financial responsibility for any damages to The Peoples Church property caused by the applicant or his/her guests must be borne by the persons named on the application.
  • All rooms and equipment must be returned to the condition they were originally found. 
  • Activities should be confined to the facilities assigned.
  • The building is locked at 10:00 PM each night. Scheduled functions must conclude early enough so that cleaning can be completed 30 minutes prior to this time to ensure the premise is vacated and locked on time. 
  • Founders Hall is limited to 150 people with theatre style setup and 100 people with banquet style setup. 
  • The Auditorium is limited to 1,600 people. 
  • Outside rental of equipment by the church will be invoiced over and above stated costs.
  • The authorities of The Peoples Church or their representatives reserve the right to withdraw the privilege of any applicant who violates or fails to observe the above regulations. 
  • The Peoples Church will not be held responsible for injuries incurred on or about the premises during the scheduled event.
  • The Peoples Church does not hold wedding receptions onsite.


Marriage License

It is your responsibility to obtain a Marriage License from any municipal office in the town or city in which you reside in Ontario. This license is to be presented to the officiating pastor five business days prior to your wedding. 

General Requirements
  • Only pastors of The Peoples Church are allowed to perform wedding ceremonies at the church. However, if it is your desire to have another pastor assist in the ceremony, this is permissible. Please be sure to include this in your discussions with our Events & Guest Services team.
  • Each couple must attend a minimum of three premarital counselling sessions through The Peoples Church, or be able to prove that premarital counselling has been completed within the previous calendar year. 
Technical Information & Requirements

If you require A/V support as part of your ceremony, please note the following:

  • A technical staff member will be present for one rehearsal and the ceremony to provide basic technical services.
  • If pre-recorded music is required, the music must be provided on an audio CD, MP3 player or computer (please disable device passcodes/passwords)
  • If you are planning to play a slide show and/or video, all files must be delivered to our Technical Ministries Team one week prior to the wedding date. Video files must be in PowerPoint, MP4 or MOV format – no YouTube links please.
  • If you plan to have a live band or require items that are not listed in the Wedding Package Form, necessary arrangements will need to be made with our Technical Ministries Team at least one month prior to the wedding date (extra fees may apply).
  • All weddings held in the Auditorium require a meeting with our Technical Ministries Team much in advance of the wedding date, to discuss all A/V needs. 

You will be prompted for details in the Wedding Package Form. Once the form is submitted someone from our team will contact you with details about next steps, based on your request. 

Wedding Rehearsal

You may schedule a wedding rehearsal one week prior to the wedding date. The rehearsal date must be confirmed by the Events & Guest Services team in advance. 

  • All balloons, rice, real flower petals and confetti are prohibited inside and outside of the church premises.
  • It is the responsibility of the bridal party to provide their own decorations.
  • The bridal party must see that flowers and decor are properly positioned for the ceremony, taken down  and removed from the premise immediately upon completion of the service. 

Wedding Package Form