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Giving & Serving

Serving Around the World

You can participate in God’s global mission when you give, pray and go.

Global Ministry Partners

Through your giving and serving, you help make it possible for The Peoples Church to serve in partnership with 63 mission agencies and 132 missionaries in more than 40 countries in the world.

Our partnerships address our three Global Initiatives, which are specific areas of mission we believe God desires us to focus on as a church.

  • Advancing Gospel Frontiers by supporting evangelism, Bible studies, church planting and community development among people groups who have not yet had the opportunity to hear or experience the gospel.
  • Defending Human Dignity by providing compassion, rescue and rehabilitation through Christian ministries to those who have suffered due to slavery or trafficking.
  • Developing Vibrant Communities by delivering food, medical care and education through Christian ministries to women and children in vulnerable situations due to poverty.

Give, Pray and Go

As God’s mission extends around the world, there are three ways we participate in it together: We give, we pray, and we go—all for the sake of sharing the gospel, so that peoples of every nation would become disciples of Jesus Christ.

How You Can Give

Faith Promise is a promise you make to God—and in dependence on God—to contribute a specific amount of money within the next year to support the global mission of The Peoples Church. Make your Faith Promise today!

How You Can Pray

In addition to time spent in personal prayer, we invite you to participate in prayer gatherings in which we give thanks to God and seek His continuing guidance and provision.

You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter, and use each post as a reminder to pray for our ministry and mission.

How You Can Go

Every year, we send mission teams from our congregation to serve in various countries around the world. Perhaps God is calling you to go in person—or perhaps to go in spirit, through your support of team members.

Find out more about our 2017 Mission Teams!

Current Mission Projects

Advancing Gospel Frontiers – supporting evangelism, Bible studies, church planting and community development among people groups who have not yet had the opportunity to hear or experience the Gospel.


Project: Africa Arise
Agency: SIM Canada
Description: Africa Arise has a vision to see identity and dignity restored. The Africa Arise project partners with I Live Again Uganda bringing hope and healing to victims of war and their families. Trauma counseling/discipleship ministry and resettlement of families are the core areas that Africa Arise and it’s Ugandan partner ministry are serving in Uganda.


Project: Relief and Community Care & Children at Risk
Agency: Heart for Lebanon
Description: Heart for Lebanon has two initiatives – Relief & Community Care and Children at Risk. Children at Risk focuses intentionally on children who are referred to as the “lost Generation,” consisting of over 1.5 million Syrian refugees, 52 percent of whom are under the age of 18. These children have seen and experienced horrible things in their young lives and most of them have been out of school for over four years. Without an education they will not develop the intellectual or vocational capacity and character necessary to find and keep a stable job in the future. These are the lost that often become prime targets for radical groups to exploit.

Please check back for more details!

Peoples Missionaries

This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Daniel Scott*, a Peoples missionary in Central Asia. As an academic and researcher, Daniel does business as mission. Employed by an institution in Central Asia his witness of Christ’s love is demonstrated as he builds relationships with his colleagues. The government is secular, and all religious activity must take place in a religious facility and participants must register with the government. The construction of new religious facilities has been effectively banned making it hard to start or plant new churches and all the seminaries in the country he serves in have been shut down.

PEOPLES: Can you tell us about the ministry you do in Central Asia?

DANIEL: I am an educator and researcher by profession, the country I live in is wide open for foreign-trained professionals to come and work. In fact, most indigenous people are very grateful towards me for coming to their country with my skills. My mission is lived out through my work.

PEOPLES: What did you observe and see that led you to mission in this region of the world?

DANIEL: I wanted to use my particular skills, education and training to serve the country we’re in and they have a huge need for skilled professionals. It’s actually very easy to get a work permit for the country we’re in.

PEOPLES: So what does mission look like for you?

DANIEL: At work I build close relationships with those who are open to spiritual conversations. To have them in my home or pray for them. A lot of it is life on life evangelism. In that culture, people are used to having very heated spiritual conversations. So we’re trying to model a behaviour where we can have conversations in a normal way. My family is also involved with the local church there and we’ve setup three chapters in different regions of the country.

PEOPLES: What can we, as a church, pray for?

DANIEL: That God will send people to Central Asia, in particular he’ll send Canadians. There are so many opportunities for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs. That gospel loving people will come to central Asia – our city is growing by 50,000 people every year as people come from the villages where there is no work.

*Daniel Scott is a pseudonym

Connection Missionaries 2017

Guret, Ethiopia

Guret was a young man when he felt restless. Day after day, tending to his camel herd, he felt the need to go for a walk. Located in northern Ethiopia and a member of the Afar people, a walk for Guret meant more than just a stroll around the block. After several hours of wondering he came upon a building with music pouring out of it.

Curious, he went inside and listened. They shared some food together and then Guret went on his way to rejoin his tribe.

He didn’t know it at the time, but this was Guret’s first introduction to church.

Afars are predominantly Muslim and conversion to Christianity is forbidden. In Guret’s mind, he had just visited a building with some music – he wasn’t aware of the concept of Christianity – but to his tribe, he had become a Christian and was an affront to Islam.

Banished from his tribe, Guret was left to his own devices so he went to the only place he knew would accept him. The building with the music.

Fast forward more than a decade – Guret has accepted Christ and his heart is burdened with the people who had once rejected him.

Guret was given a vision to launch an organization that seeks to transform the Afar people by demonstrating the love, the truth and the power of Jesus. They desire to locate, evangelize and disciple Afars who will grow and lead the indigenous Afar Church of Jesus Christ.

The Afar Friendship Association, the manifestation of Guret’s vision, has launched literacy programs, made education available to children, been partners to Afar women in reproductive health improvement and been there to answer the call for relief when disaster struck.

Your faith promise has enabled Guret to do this work that can potentially touch the 1.2 million Afar people who may have otherwise never been exposed to the gospel. Guret will be joining us on the second Sunday of DNA 2017, The Peoples Church Global Outreach Conference.