TPC Junior Youth

Grades 6-8

A space designed for students in grades 6-8 to find a community where they belong, have fun, and take what they’ve learned to go into the world to share the love of Christ. We meet weekly to build relationships and host regular events that create opportunities for fun!



Our TPC Junior Youth worship gatherings happen every Sunday at 9 & 11:30 AM! Check-in takes place in the church lobby and students are invited to join the main service in the auditorium for worship. Students can sit together in a designated space on the main level, or sit with their families. After worshipping in songs of praise with our church family, our students head to the Annex for our Junior Youth teaching program.

Parents/guardians must come to the Annex to pick up their student(s) once the program has ended.

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9 & 11:30 AM • ONSITE – ANNEX

Our in-person worship gatherings take place every Sunday at 9 & 11:30 AM! We encourage our students to arrive 30 minutes early to get checked in and to join us for games. Our services start with a time of worship, followed by teaching, discussion, games, and snacks. Registration is no longer required prior to our gatherings each week. Learn about our Safety Measures below.

Parents/guardians MUST come to the Annex to pick up their student(s) once the program has ended.

11:30 AM • ONLINE

We also gather online to worship together at 11:30 AM. To join us, sign up here.

Please note – our last online gathering will be on Sunday, March 13. We will only be gathering in-person on Sundays, beginning March 20.

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January 8 – 29

NOT YET: A 4-Week Study from the Old & New Testaments on Identity

Does life ever feel like a never-ending waiting game? Like you’re always waiting to get a little older, to gain a little more freedom, or to find a little more clarity about your future? When you think about the person you’re becoming and what your future holds, do you ever just want to skip ahead in your story to see how it all turns out, who you’ll become, what you’ll do, or what kind of difference you’ll make?

In this four-week series, we’ll talk about all the questions, fear, frustration, and excitement that thinking about our futures can bring. As we explore passages from Ecclesiastes, Revelation, and more, we’ll discover four truths about what God has in store for us: we’re all a work in progress, your purpose is to be like Jesus, God’s plans for you are good, and your next step is to get closer to God.

February 3-26

REASONABLE DOUBT: A Study from the Gospels on Doubt & Questions

Have you ever heard someone say something that seemed unreasonable? Maybe they told a story or made a statement that was hard for you to believe. It’s not always easy to ask questions or express doubt when other people seem so certain, and that’s especially true when it comes to faith. If you ask hard questions about God or are honest about the things you’re not sure about, what will people think? Will they judge you? Will they laugh at you?

But in this four-week series from the Gospels, we’ll see it really is possible to have questions and doubts while still having faith. Through Scripture, we’ll discover that when we have doubts and questions, we don’t need to ignore them or sweep them under the rug. Instead, we can look to Jesus, look to the Holy Spirit, look to God’s words, and look for God in unexpected places.

Friday Junior Youth

FRIDAYS • 7:00 – 9:30 PM • GYM

We gather on Fridays to connect with one another, have fun, and dig deeper into our teaching series together!

Youth Drop In


Want to hang out before our Friday Night gatherings? All youth in grades 6-12 are invited to drop in right after school, every Friday. There’s a space to do homework, an open gym, plus dinner!

Please Note — There is no Youth Drop In on Event Nights.

Junior Youth Winter Retreat

MARCH 16-19

Hey families! Every year we take our Junior youth away for a weekend to learn and grow together. Our annual winter retreat is one of the highlights of our year, and a weekend that God does incredible things!

WHO: Junior Youth Students (Grades 6-8)

WHAT: Our theme this year is Higher Love. The word love itself might bring up a different idea or memory for each person who hears it – so what exactly is love? In this series, designed for a weekend retreat, we’ll look at the words of Jesus and his closest followers to discover that love is not something we should have to earn or something only meant for a few. Instead, we are free to love others and we are free to be loved.

WHERE: Jackson’s Point Camp

COST: Early-Bird Rate – $250 with a $25 sibling discount (until January 27) | Regular Rate: $275 with a $25 sibling discount

• All students joining us for Junior Youth for the very first time, must fill out this form in advance.

• Parents/guardians must come inside for check in and pick up. Students will not be released outside to meet you at the car.

• If you have any additional questions please contact Pastor Dee.