Crisis Response

Our first response to any crisis, is to stand in the power of prayer together. As a church, we are also able to respond to urgent needs promptly, generously, and effectively through our trusted global partners – this is the power of our Faith Promise giving.


Afghanistan has always been a very challenging place to be a follower of Jesus. Our partners at Open Doors ranked it as the second most dangerous country in the world to be a believer before the recent conflict began in earnest.

Now with the country in a state of turmoil the danger for Christians increases exponentially. Many of them will be forced to leave the communities they love. Others, particularly women who are secret believers in Muslim households, must remain in threatening surroundings.

We join our prayers with the believers in Afghanistan and stand with them at this time as they pray for salvation and peace to come to their country.

For more information about how to pray with believers in Afghanistan click here.

Click here to watch a video from Open Doors about the importance and power of praying with our brothers and sisters.


The nation of Haiti urgently needs the prayers and support of the global church. On August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti leaving hundreds killed, thousands injured or homeless, and countless still missing.

This disaster comes following many months of civil unrest. Even as the people of Haiti seek to recover, tropical storms threaten to bring torrential rain, flooding, and landslides.

Our first response is to pray for peace and for the wellbeing of the Haitian people. We pray for the people of Haiti and those who are seeking to bring practical help in the name of Jesus.

As we pray, we can also show the love of Christ in practical ways to our brothers and sisters.

Our partners at TearFund will be working in close coordination with 12 Christian organizations to provide emergency shelter, sanitation, water, and food. Tear Fund is responsible for administering a three-month food assistance program to those made most vulnerable by this disaster.

If you are led to support this response financially, please send funds to Global Mission at The Peoples Church and we will ensure that our partners at Tearfund have the resources to be able to feed the hungry.


Thank you for your prayers and generosity.