The Peoples House


Welcoming refugees into transformational community.

Who We Are

The Peoples House is a ministry of The Peoples Church – a community of faith that welcomes the stranger in the name of Jesus. We offer safe shelter, caring community, and practical support to those who have arrived in Canada having fled their country due to conflict, violence, or war.

Since opening our doors in 2016, The Peoples House has welcomed over 350 residents from 49 countries. Almost one third of those we have welcomed are children.

Since opening our doors in 2016, The Peoples House has welcomed over 350 residents from 49 countries. Almost one third of those we have welcomed are children.

What We Offer

The Peoples House offers welcome and caring community to those seeking asylum in Canada.

When people arrive in Canada having been forced to flee from their country, we provide the essentials – shelter, food, clothing – as most of them arrive with only what they can carry. Having left their families and communities, they are welcomed into a new community and are invited to become part of the church family at Peoples. In our welcome, we seek to live out the truth that the Good Shepherd is guiding them and providing for all their needs.

Settlement Support
Becoming part of our caring community, our staff help each person to walk through the process to complete all their legal documents to become citizens in Canada. As well we help to find volunteer and work opportunities so each newcomer can use their gifts and skills to bring blessing and help to their new community here in Canada.

Community life is rich and vibrant at The Peoples House. As each resident brings the goodness of their own culture to add to the traditions we have in Canada, the food, the music, the dancing, and the stories are wonderful! Together with volunteers and Life Group members from the church, birthdays and festivals become happy celebrations. Each week residents gather for a meal and fellowship together. Prayer times, conversation circles, drumming, soccer tournaments, apple-picking, skating parties all create beautiful experiences and life-giving memories for everyone – volunteers and residents alike!

Refugee Realities


It is important to remember that we have both a biblical mandate and a legal responsibility to welcome and support those who come to our country fleeing for their lives.

Refugees are not illegal. They are people who have lost community and country due to persecution and danger. They willingly go through the legal process Canada has established in order to begin a new life here.

People seeking asylum in Canada come with the hope that they will be able to use their gifts and skills to be productive members of society. They are resilient, hardworking people who are willing to take opportunities given to them to succeed and be a blessing to their new society.

Global Trends

Global Forced Displacement

With every new conflict that begins in the world – people are displaced from their homes and communities. Most of those that are displaced could never have imagined that such a thing could happen to them, to their community, to their country.

At present 1 in every 74 people in the world are displaced from their homes. Almost all of these people would give anything to be able to stay in their own homes in safety and continue their lives in peace.

Coming to Canada is difficult for them, not only because of the cold weather, but often because of the less-than-warm welcome they receive upon arrival. What an important opportunity we have as the Church to welcome them in the name of Jesus and share with them the love and provision of a caring God!

Canadian Statistics

Although there is often talk that Canada is receiving many refugees, the truth is that Canada receives less than 1% of those who are displaced. Meanwhile very crowded countries with limited resources such as Malawi and Bangladesh receive thousands more refugees every year than Canada welcomes.

Although there are many people in the world who are displaced at present, we have capacity to welcome more and the resources to welcome them well.

Resources for Refugee Claimants

My Refugee Claim serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking protection in Canada. Its primary aim is to provide essential information, establish connections, and help refugee claimants effectively prepare for their journey through the refugee claim process. This resource is not only beneficial for refugee claimants but also for Canadians who are accompanying these individuals or those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Canada's refugee protection procedures.

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