An angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today.”

Luke 2:9–11


Join us this Christmas season, as we journey through the Christmas story and listen to the stories of people around the world sharing the Good News in different cultures, nations, tribes, and languages. Jesus brings hope, salvation, and joy everywhere!

Christmas Eve Celebration

Friday, December 24

This Christmas Eve, we’re gathering in-person and online to celebrate and welcome Jesus together! Join us for a festive celebration filled with Christmas carols, and the telling of the Christmas story. Our outdoor petting zoo is also back this year! Bundle up and join us with your family, friends, and neighbours too!


Our hour-long celebrations are for the whole family to enjoy together. We will also provide all kids with an activity bag filled with fun ways to engage and interact throughout the celebration.

Register for a celebration service time below!

2:00 PM
4:00 PM
6:00 PM

To help ensure everyone’s health and safety, registration is required for our in-person celebrations.

Outdoor Petting Zoo

  • 3 – 6 PM

We also have lots happening outside on Christmas Eve! Our petting zoo is a fun opportunity for everyone to meet and interact with friendly farm animals. You will also get to enjoy some Christmas treats as you journey through our Nativity scenes!

Outdoor Lights & Nativity Display

November 28 – throughout the holiday season

We invite you to bundle up and come by our front lawn, at any time of the day, to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas! Come and be immersed in scenes from the Christmas story – moments filled with the radiant hope and joy of welcoming Jesus.

Remember to:

  • Check the weather in advance and bundle up accordingly.
  • Bring your phone/camera – this is a great opportunity to capture some great selfies and memories.
  • Bring your headphones – you can listen to the Christmas story as you walk through the scenes. Simply scan the sign at each scene using the camera on your phone!
  • Keep a safe distance of two metres from different households.

Share The Joy

Join us as we share the joy together this Christmas. We invite you to use our Advent Prayer Guide to pray, share locally, and give globally with our church family.

Share The Joy

Join us as we share the joy together this Christmas. We invite you to use our Advent Guide to pray, share locally, and give globally with our church family.


Every day, over the four weeks of Advent, let’s pray and ask God about how we can share the good news with those around us. God is already moving so let’s pay attention to how He is inviting us to join Him!

Share Locally

Each Sunday, we will hear stories of how our partners around the world are sharing the good news with all generations, cultures, seekers, and experiences. As we are encouraged by their testimonies, our Advent Prayer Guide will point us to different ways we can share God’s love throughout the week.

High Quality Prayer Guide (30MB)


Compressed Prayer Guide (1MB)


Give Globally

Global Mission is all about sharing the good news of Jesus with people everywhere – from right outside our doorsteps, to communities all around our world.

This Christmas, we’re coming together to join our global partners who are sharing the joy in over 40 countries with Christ’s holistic ministry of compassion, justice, and evangelism. As we hear their stories, let’s ask God about how we can be a part of sharing the joy through intentional and faithful generosity.

Good news and great joy for all people – we do this together!

Are you ready to give globally?

Give Now

Or simply text PEOPLESGIVE to 77-9-77.

Please select Global Mission – Share the Joy in the dropdown fund options. If you are giving in-person, please clearly indicate Global Mission on your gift.

In the beginning, God established connection with mankind. Adam and Eve enjoyed that connection with Him. But when sin entered the story, our connection with God was broken – and throughout the Old Testament, we read the narrative of struggle for reconnection.

The Good News is that God desires connection with His people, so He sent Jesus here on earth – to live, die, and rise again. Because of Jesus, we are saved from our sin and connected with our Father again! This is truly good news and great joy for all people.

We were created to live in community. As believers, we get to live in the connection and oneness that the good news has brought us into and celebrate the beauty of Christ shining through our diverse cultures, generations, and perspectives.

Here at The Peoples Church, we are a global church family with over 200 mission partners serving all over the world. As we join God in His global mission, we are connected by His Spirit in all that we do together.

Use our Christmas Playlist on YouTube to watch and listen to the amazing stories of how the good news and great joy of Jesus is being shared around the world and in our church community! Our playlist also includes sermons about our Christmas theme and ways to pray and worship together!


How Are You Sharing The Joy This Christmas?

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