May 24 – June 9

What does it mean to be a part of God’s global family?
Join us for Global Mission Conference 2024 as we seek God with our global brothers and sisters, and engage in powerful opportunities to worship, pray, learn, serve, and share together.

“…whoever does the will of my Father is my
brother and sister and mother.” – Jesus


Mark 3:35 ESV


Worship Night

Friday, May 24

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Prayer Sunday

Sunday, May 26

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Mission Expo

Sunday, May 26

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The Walk with Refugees

Saturday, June 1

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Guest Speaker: Mark Glanville

Sunday, June 2

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Guest Speaker: Ray Aldred & Mission Team Commissioning

Sunday, June 9

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Go Deeper Workshop

Sunday, June 9

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Faith Promise

We are called to share the love of Jesus with everyone. Active participation in this calling includes investing our financial resources in global mission partnerships. We invite you to prayerfully consider making Global Mission a consistent budget line, separate from regular tithes, that reflects its significance in your life.

Global Mission Portfolio

An online tool to engage in God’s Global Mission

Every year during our Global Mission Conference we hear amazing stories from our global partners, revealing what God is doing all around the world. After conference, our partners go home, the stories stop, and the connection fades…until we see or hear from them again…maybe next conference?!

  • What if there was a consistent way to nurture our global partner relationships?
  • What if there was an easy way to hear about the places, faces and mission details throughout the year?
  • What if we could view recent photos and read new stories to help us pray more effectively?

The Global Mission Portfolio is an online tool, curating the latest news and images from our global partners right to you!