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Groups & Growth

Correspondence Bible Studies

If you are unable to attend Peoples in person, these free studies provide you with the opportunity to stay in the Word, whether from the comfort of your home, overseas or as part of a prison ministry.

A wide variety of studies are offered for children ages 3-12, teens and adults—covering everything from the basics of new life in Christ to the book of Galatians. Please see below for a complete list of studies, or contact us by email at or by phone at 416-222-3341 x 129 for more information and to register.

Adult Studies

New Life in Christ
My New Life
Practical Christian Living
God’s Great Salvation
Light from the Old Testament
Basic Bible Truths
Soulwinners (Fishers of Men)
The Holy Spirit’s Ministry
Know and Grow

Children Studies

See & Do (ages 4-5)
Storytime (ages 6-8)
Explorers (boys ages 9-10)
Best Friends (girls ages 9-10)
Winners (ages 9-12)

Teen Studies

Winning for Boys ­­­– Race of Life/Battle of Life
Teen Talk
Love, Dating, Marriage