Each person who believes in Jesus is called to minister in their places of study and work, but sometimes, God calls people out of existing social models and systems and gives them a vision for innovative initiatives based on sustainable kingdom principles.

At The Peoples Church we want to support these kingdom initiatives and see how God can do a new thing through His people.

Each year, we host a fair-trade market so that we can continue to support industries that seek to do business using fair and just production and distribution models. We are also exploring new possibilities with our partners who are developing new kingdom models for media use.

Our global partners are active in sustainable farming initiatives that are especially focused on discovering and applying biblical principles of creation care. Using a church-based development approach, they work with communities to find new ways of sustainable living.

There are many ways to live justly in our society, and as a church we want to actively pursue these kingdom models with our partners.

Explore our global mission partnerships dedicated to innovation. As you learn about each ministry use the prayer points to stand with our partners in the power of prayer!


Protein Supplement


Ontario Christian Gleaners


Elaine Merkus

Reaching remote tribal peoples in India who are physically cut-off and socially cast-off, living marginalized lives of poverty. First-generation believers are discipled then sent back to their people and surrounding villages. Workers are bi-vocational and establish vibrant communities of faith. They open the doors to the gospel and improve people’s well-being with complimentary initiatives (e.g. Jesus Film, clean water projects, medical outreaches).

Prayer Points

  • Effective witness of tribal missionaries in the face of persecution
  • Courage for new believers who face anti-conversion laws
  • Effective penetration of the gospel among unengaged and unreached people groups
  • Creative ways to share the Bible with people who are preliterate
Mexico, Bolivia & Ecuador

Action Against Poverty


Training and Equipping Latin American Leaders (Latin America Mission)


Carlos Lopez

Training unemployed and low-income families in Latin America via the church by creating small businesses to improve the quality of life for individuals, have the church be the centre of social action for their communities, help people discover and use their talents, and for churches and pastors to be self-sufficient to support their operations and ministries. They run a 3-day intensive program provides kits and start-up business training in skills, marketing, and networking.

Prayer Points

  • Find new ways to break down the cycle of poverty around the world
  • People to use their gifts to build up their communities
  • Providential provision of capital and connections for successful new business

Digital Community Development


Centre for Redemptive Entrepreneurship (Tyndale)


Philip Yan

CRE equips Christian entrepreneurs as culture-shaping catalysts by advancing their redemptive ventures. They focus on friendship & partnership, addressing the isolation of Christian entrepreneurs, and being a creative engine to see how innovation and business can be used for the common good through serving and solving. They are developing a digital platform to host the national community, the main hub to connect for mentorship, resource, and venture programs. They are also developing courses, grant and training programs.

Prayer Points

  • God to bring the right expertise and servants for prayer, administration, communication
  • Professionals with a redemptive mindset to become mentors
  • Businesspeople to be creative and obedient to God

GTA Church Revitalization


City Movement Canada

Pastors in Toronto through prayer grew concerned about many church closures and sales while other cultural or growing churches struggle to find buildings. The vision is for churches to be revitalized to stay and serve surrounding communities via space sharing, partnering with city services, and collaborating among denominations, cultural groups and ministries. At-risk churches will be assessed, potential partners identified, stake holders coordinated, and introductions/ consultations made.

Prayer Points

  • Godly and wise people to be raised up for this challenging role
  • Unity and appreciation in the body of Christ through working together
  • More people to have a relationship with Jesus through churches
Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Brazil, Kenya

Integral Disciple Making Movements


Partners International



Among resistant Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu groups, this novel approach works well to break through and foster sustainable, reproducing, healthy discipleship groups. Small groups use discovery Bible studies then go and tell others, who then form further groups, spurring fast growth and obedience to God. A community health component (e.g. finance, hygiene) helps attract people. Technology is used to track group numbers and health.

Prayer Points

  • Startup of new project among unreached and unengaged people groups
  • Leaders to identify “people of peace” who will host discovery Bible studies
  • New believers from discovery Bible studies to be knit together into local churches
  • Creative and effective use of technology and building of tools to support the movement

Learn about how you can support our mission partnerships by exploring our Global Mission Portfolio and making a Faith Promise!

Global Mission Portfolio Faith Promise

He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to perform healing.

– Luke 9:2