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Giving & Serving

Serving Around the World

You can participate in God’s global mission when you give, pray and go.

Global Ministry Partners

Through your giving and serving, you help make it possible for The Peoples Church to serve in partnership with 63 mission agencies and 132 missionaries in more than 40 countries in the world.

Our partnerships address our three Global Initiatives, which are specific areas of mission we believe God desires us to focus on as a church.

  • Advancing Gospel Frontiers by supporting evangelism, Bible studies, church planting and community development among people groups who have not yet had the opportunity to hear or experience the gospel.
  • Defending Human Dignity by providing compassion, rescue and rehabilitation through Christian ministries to those who have suffered due to slavery or trafficking.
  • Developing Vibrant Communities by delivering food, medical care and education through Christian ministries to women and children in vulnerable situations due to poverty.

Give, Pray and Go

As God’s mission extends around the world, there are three ways we participate in it together: We give, we pray, and we go—all for the sake of sharing the gospel, so that peoples of every nation would become disciples of Jesus Christ.

How You Can Give

Faith Promise is a promise you make to God—and in dependence on God—to contribute a specific amount of money within the next year to support the global mission of The Peoples Church. Make your Faith Promise today!

How You Can Pray

In addition to time spent in personal prayer, we invite you to participate in prayer gatherings in which we give thanks to God and seek His continuing guidance and provision.

You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter, and use each post as a reminder to pray for our ministry and mission.

How You Can Go

Every year, we send mission teams from our congregation to serve in various countries around the world. Perhaps God is calling you to go in person—or perhaps to go in spirit, through your support of team members.

Find out more about our 2017 Mission Teams!

Current Mission Projects

Developing Vibrant Communities – providing compassion, rescue and rehabilitation through Christian ministries to those who have suffered due to slavery or trafficking.


Project: Uganda Succession-Related Property Grabbing
Agency: IJM (International Justice Mission)
Description: One of the most horrific and pervasive abuses in Uganda is the wrongful forced evictions of widows and orphans from their land. With a household economy highly dependent on agriculture, property rights are critical to survival. Access to legal services for the poor is often extremely limited, and most are left without the means of combatting abuse and injustice.The goal of IJM’s program in the project area of Mukono County is to demonstrably reduce the prevalence of SRPG. The program consists of three main components: (a) free legal services, (b) aftercare services and (c) community legal education.


Project: Prey Romeas
Agency: Ratanak International
Description: This project aims to increase school attendance to 250 through distribution of flyers, hosting school events and having teachers conduct more home visits to improve trust and reputation within the community. The expansion of evening classes is needed in response to increased attendance from nearby factory workers, whose work schedules only allow them to attend classes after work. Many young women have migrated into the city to find work at the rapidly growing factory district adjacent to Prey Romeas. They are often from impoverished communities and fall into exploitative labor situations in these factories. Our hope is to reach more of these young women and eventually be able to assist them in finding alternative forms of work.

Please check back for more details!

Peoples Missionaries

Many of our missionaries are serving in parts of the world where revealing their location and identity would be detrimental to their work. This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Norm and Ivy Maxwell*, Peoples missionaries in South Asia.

PEOPLES: Can you tell us about the ministry you do in Sourth Asia?

NORM AND IVY: Norm is the director of our organization that focuses on developing indigenous people to our region into ministry leadership positions. Currently we have 50 adults working in eight ministry team locations around the region.

PEOPLES: What did you observe and see that you felt there was a need for this?

NORM AND IVY: The country we live in is in the top ten for population but extremely densely populated. However, if measured by Gross Domestic Product, it is near the bottom as one of the world’s poorest countries. Christians make up less than one percent of the population and there is a huge need for Jesus in this country.

PEOPLES: What specifically are you doing?

NORM AND IVY: Part of our time is spent over-seeing a number of development projects that deal with issues such as adult literacy, vocational training, primary education and water sanitation. However a lot of our time is spent with friends and neighbours, seeking to share Christ with them.

PEOPLES: Can you share some fruits of your labour?

NORM AND IVY: The work is slow! We wish we could share more in the way of tangible fruit. We recently had the opportunity to share the Jesus film with a number of friends that we have known for many years. Norm has been encouraged through one of his discipling relationships where a young man has taken steps toward spiritual maturity.

PEOPLES: Are there any prayer requests we can share with the church?

NORM AND IVY: Over the last two years there have been an increasing number of attacks by radicals on non-Muslims and on moderate Muslims. Pray for the peace and safety of the country and our team. Pray that the country would prosper economically and please praise God for the relative freedom we have enjoyed so far. Pray for many opportunities to share the Good News in Christ.

*Norm and Ivy Maxwell are pseudonyms

Connection Missionaries 2017

Peter and Hyon, Niger

Husband and wife, Peter and Hyon, were just beginning their courtship those many years ago when they decided that for their first date, they would attend an information night on missions happening in the African continent. Mission had been on both their hearts and without much thought around making a commitment, they ended up in a conversation about serving in Niger, a land-locked country in West Africa.

“To be honest, I didn’t even know where Niger was,” Peter says. “I had to look it up in an atlas.”

He signed up to go in 1998 during the hottest months. During his first visit the gravity of being in one of the poorest countries of the world, during the hottest months of the year felt like more than he would be able to handle.

“I have just made the biggest mistake of my life, this is going to be impossible,” Peter said to himself when he first arrived. “If this is what God has called me to do, I don’t know if I can do it.”

“But we can never do it on our own strength. It is always by his grace. Even though it is a physically challenging country, it’s a poor country, we have to work in a second and a third language we kept getting drawn to that country and God just really placed that country and its people as a burden on our hearts.”

But something happened, Peter and Hyon say, that burden turned into a love. A love for the country and a love for its people. They look forward to returning every year and seeing the friends they have developed deep relationships with and coming alongside coworkers there.

Medical relief in Niger and in particular, Galmi, probably wouldn’t exist without the mission efforts like those of Hyon and Peter. Located on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, it’s dry and rocky landscape leaves little to sustain the local economy.

“Residents face impossible choices around seeking out medical treatment,” Peter says. “They have to make the choice between sending their child to school for the year, the family eating for a week or getting medical help.”

“They face impossible, horrific economic choices. But families love their children in Galmi as much as we do here.”

Your faith promise has enabled Hyon and Peter to serve thousands of men, women and children in Galmi that otherwise wouldn’t have access to medical care. In the midst of this, it frees the locally trained medical staff the opportunity to build relationships and ultimately be a reflection of Christ’s love in their community.

Hyon and Peter will be joining us on the second Sunday of DNA 2017, The Peoples Church Global Outreach Conference.