Giving & Serving

Serving Around the World

You can participate in God’s global mission when you give, pray and go.

Global Ministry Partners

Through your giving and serving, you help make it possible for The Peoples Church to serve in partnership with 46 mission agencies and 221 missionaries in 38 countries around the world.

Our partnerships address our three Global Initiatives, which are specific areas of mission we believe God desires us to focus on as a church.

Advancing Gospel Frontiers by supporting evangelism, Bible studies, church planting and community development among people groups who have not yet had the opportunity to hear or experience the gospel.

Defending Human Dignity by providing Christian ministries of advocacy, relief, and recovery to those who are affected by violence, corruption, oppression, or persecution.

Developing Vibrant Communities by delivering food, medical care and education through Christian ministries to women and children in vulnerable situations due to poverty.

Give, Pray and Go

As God’s mission extends around the world, there are three ways we participate in it together: We give, we pray, and we go—all for the sake of sharing the gospel, so that peoples of every nation would become disciples of Jesus Christ.

How You Can Give

When you give financial contributions through The Peoples Church, you enable a great variety of local and international ministries to show and tell the good news of the Gospel. Whether it’s by helping someone in need through a benevolent offering, giving to support one of our Global Initiatives, or providing funds to sustain our church ministry and facility improvements—your giving helps us stand together in God’s global mission. Learn more about ways to give.

How You Can Pray

We are The Peoples Church because we embrace all the peoples of the world. One way that we are messengers of the Gospel is in partnership with missionaries based in our multicultural city of Toronto and globally. The work they do is life-changing as they shed light and hope in a world full of darkness. They need us to hold the ropes for them in prayer. Follow us on social media for global mission updates and ways you can continue to pray for our partners serving all around the world.

How You Can Go

  • Mission Agency Partner: Mully Children’s Family (MCF) Kenya
  • Team Leaders: Al & Cathy Snowball
  • Length of Trip: 2 Weeks
  • Time of Year: First 2 Weeks in July 2022
  • Number of Team Members: 25 Maximum
  • Estimated cost: $4,800

Participating in this medical mission trip provides an opportunity to work alongside MCF to offer free and much-needed medical services to the MCF children and the community. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit Africa, serve, share, learn and grow.

This is a medical mission trip, but there are many roles for everyone. Anyone with a serving heart is welcome. There is a special need for doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and optometrists.

MCF is a Christian humanitarian organization committed to transforming the lives of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in Africa. MCF was founded by Dr. Charles and Esther Mulli in 1989. MCF Kenya rescues and cares for over 5,000 children at 7 different campuses. MCF provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, counselling, psychosocial rehabilitation and life skills training in an environment that promotes all the beneficial aspects of growing up in a family surrounded by kindness, sharing the love of Christ, understanding and parental guidance.

We will be staying at MCF’s main campus, Ndalani, which is home to over 1,000 children and youth. We will also visit the Yatta campus.

Please contact Zareh for more information.