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What does it look like when teens are continually astounded, transformed and motivated by Jesus Christ?

Youth Online

EVERY FRIDAY • 7:00 – 9:00 PM • ZOOM

Join us on Zoom for Youth Online, every Friday night! To get access to our Zoom gatherings, email Pastor Hartley.

2021 Youth Online Schedule
Friday January 8: Life Group Night
Join us as we kick off a new series on Healthy Habits! We’ll be talking about how we are to make decisions and set appropriate boundaries in our lives.

Friday January 15: Life Group Night
In week 2 of our Healthy Habits series we’ll be talking about our circle of influence and the friendships that we make. How do we know the friends we have are building us up and empowering us?

Friday January 22: Life Group Night
In week 3 of our Healthy Habits series we’ll be talking about solitude. Specifically, how do we establish rhythms of rest and solitude when there are so many tech distractions in our lives?

Friday January 29: Worship Night
You won’t want to miss out as our youth band leads us in worship! This evening will be on YOUTUBE live, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information. We’ll also be connecting on Zoom for our Life Group time afterwards!

Friday February 5: Q&A Night
Q&A nights are when we get to unpack the message and theme from our Worship Nights! This is also a great opportunity to ask questions – no question is off limits!